Welcome   To   Our   School.

Welcome to the official webpage of SouthEast Junior High. SouthEast Junior High is located at 2501 Bradford Drive in Iowa City, Iowa. SouthEast is home to the Little Hawks winning tradition in athletics as well as academics. We hope this page will be educational and informational to all people intrested in our school.

4For   All

The "4 for All" is the base of what the rules at SouthEast are based on!!!!!!

4 For All ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Be considerate, courteous, and respectful.

2. Be academically responsible.

3. Use language which does not offened others.

4. Care for school property and the property of others.


School   News

In this section we will update you with the exciting school news.



South East has had a busy start. We welcome our 420 new 7th graders who join our 405 8th graders. We began the Year by registering 42 new students to SE-and dropping 40 others who didn't join us once the year began. Interestingly, ther are 81 more boys than girls in the student body, a trend that continues from last year.

Along with our new students, we welcome 9 new teachers and sevral new associates. New teachers are listed on page 2.

We are off to a terrific begining and are glad to have each new member of the South East community.



New Teachers

We are vey pleased to introduce the following outstanding additions to our excellent staff:

Matt Beisel, Science 8 and Seminar

Mike Benewich, Resourse

Yavonne Herndon, Math and Leadership

Lisa Martin, Science 8 and American Studies

Hamza Omar, Student Advocate

Pame Peters, German

Mike Reeve, Business

Susan Rekward, French

Peter Westphalen, Chorus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


South East students will take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Tuesday, October 7th, and Wednesday, October 8th. Testing will be conducted periods 1,2,3,6,7 and 8, on Tuesday, and periods 1,2 and 3 on Wednesday. These tests are adiministered every other year in Iowa City Junior High Schools. Individual student test results will be mailed to parents late November or early December. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Iowa State University's Iowa Talent Search provides qualifying seventh and eighth-grade students an opportunity to learn more about their abilities and about programs and services available to them. ITBS scores from either of the two ost recently taken tests can be used to qualify. Scores on selected subtests must be at or above the 97th percentile using national norms, or at or above the 93percentile using Iowa norms. As part of the Iowa Talent Search, qualifying students may take the SAT and/or ACT. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


October 6 Midterm for first trimestr

8 QSP magazine sale kickoff

15 Parent/Teacher arena conferences..........LGR/gym.....4:30-8:30p.m

20 QSP magazine sale ends

21 Parent/Teacher confrences (scheduled)-no classes.......8:00-11:30a.m

November 7 School party......................7:30-9:30p.m

18 End of first tri

19 Teachers work Day-no classes

27-28 Thanksgiving holiday-school and offices closed

December 12 School party........................7:30-9:30p.m

Dec22-Jan2 Winter Break-no classes,offices closed Dec. 24,25,31 and Jan.1

January 5 Classes resume

8 Career Day for eighth graders....................1:00-2:15

16 Midterm for second tri

19 District MC/NS inservice-no classes

21 Eighth Grade Ski Trip

22 Seventh Grade ski trip

28 Parent/Teacher confrences (scheduled)............4:30-8:00p.m

Febuary 4 Parent/Teacher confrences (scheduled)............4:30-8:00p.m

6 Scholl party..........................7:30-9:00p.m

13 No classes/no teacher at School

16 Presidents'-no classes ( possible make up day for inclement weather)

March 4 End of second tri

8 Records Day-no classes

12 Share your school day

16-20 Spring Break-no classes,offices closed Mar. 19-20

April 3 School Party.............................7:30-9:00p.m

23 Midterm for third tri

May 5 Parent/Teacher confrences (scheduled...........4:30-8:00p.m

8 School party..............................7:30-9:00p.m

15-16 Music Carnival at City High

25 Memorial Day holiday, school and offices closed

June 5 End of third tri, Last day of classes

8,9,10 Inclement weather make-up days,if needed

NOTES: Thursday dismissal: 2:15 p.m

Inclement weather decisions will be brodcasted on TV, radio and City Line

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