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The Best Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beatles are the best band ever as far as I'am concerned. I was not even alive when they were a band but as soon as I heard thier music I fell in love FOREVER!!!!!!!! With the great rock sound but no to hard they could attract crowds that love slow songs and the ones that wanted to hear a good rock beat. Here is a list of the top ten Beatles songs for the month of August:

1.Hey Jude 2.Revolution 3.Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Harts Club 4.Let It Be 5.Yesterday 6.Come Together 7.Get Back 9.Across The Universe 10.Back In The USSR

Jimmy's Beatles page here are some>BEATLES LINKS!!!!!!!

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pretty cool
Legends concert posters
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E-mail me at poorjimmy@cyberdude.come The Beatles will live forever!!!!!!!!! PEACE